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The Bunker

Large Scale Interactive Theater Experience

Project details

Client / Amaze Escape Events
What we built / Immersive, Gamified Theater Experience on 1000m2
Project Date / 2015

Work processes
/ Game design

/ Developing puzzles
/ Project management
/ Scenario writing
/ Integrated hint system

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We came across a fantastic location which inspired us to create a large scale, interactive theater experience with game elements in a 1000m2 bunker.

In this experience the participants embark on a journey in groups of 8. They are led together into a secret bunker where they discover a story in cooperation with actors.

The participants explore the location, which is divided into 6 zones, each zone consisting of 1 or more rooms. In each zone the participants meet actors and find different challenges to overcome and make it to the next zone and the next part of the story.

Crafting the Games

Creating an immersive, practically feasible and financially viable game concept has been a challenging task. The main guidelines we were following included the wish to create a large scale event, where each participating team gets an individual and personal experience, while, at the same time making it possible for multiple groups to enter for an optimal use of the space.
Additionally, we wanted to combine theatrical storytelling, escape room puzzles and special effects to create a truly immersive and compelling experience.

The project planning has been a more complex task than for a regular escape room build. We laid down a sound financial plan, taking into account the combination of the large m2 of the space and the limited time we were allocated to use the space (1,5 – 2 years). Secondly, laying the groundwork for all the necessary permits needed from the municipality required a exceedingly long time.

Since the time for the creation of the experience was limited, after the main points in the project planning and the direction of the storyline were cleared the more detailed scenario writing, game design and electronic prototyping projects were running parallel to each other.

In order to create a great story, find and train actors we joined forces with Storytellers from Zoetermeer. For the game design next to our in-house crew, we have organized a number of open events with creative makers from The Hague.

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