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Popup Escape room design

Project details

Client / Oudtopia
What we built / Created 2 pop-up escape rooms with puzzles where your different senses are stimulated. Participants will experience how it is to be old and live as a senior citizen.
Project Date / November 2019

Work processes
/ Game design

/ Concept Development
/ Game Development

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Oudtopia is a fantastic local company in The Hague, where you will get the opportunity to experience life as a senior citizen. In their experiences you’ll have use your different senses, but in a way as if you were 80 years old. They achieve this, for example, by adjusting your sight and hearing, or weighing down your arms with extra weights. Amazing!

Oudtopia has created  a special experience for people working in health care, where health care providers take on the role of a person living in a nursing home. Within the care sector nursing home residents are often seen as “problematic”, and Oudtopia wanted to share the story of the residents so that a better solution could be explored.

Our Role

We have created 2 different escape rooms for Oudtopia. During this escape room you’ll first discover the story of a resident, thereafter you’ll find out what the “problem” is of the staff and finally you’ll be challenged to think of a solution, which would be beneficial to both parties involved.

Through brainstorm sessions we have explored the best stories to involve in the game, as we are discussing real situations. Subsequently we have translated and transformed these stories into escape room puzzles. We have created rooms with a natural flow, where all your senses are stimulated throughout the experience.

The escape rooms have been running in 2 care facilities, 1 in Rijswijk and 1 in The Hague. These escape rooms have had such a good reception that Oudtopia rebuilt one in their location in the Binckhorst as well. Additionally there is a pop-up version, which is easy to transport and set up on festivals and other events.

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