Project omschrijving


SS Rotterdam

Escape room design and system

Project details

Our role / Delivering hardware and software for game operation and automation, as well as connecting individual electronic games to the game operating system.
Client / Cooperation between RET and the escape room on SS Rotterdam
Project Date / 2019 within a timeframe of 3 months

Work processes
/ Game programming

/ Sound design (10Bel)
/ Light design
/ Special effects
/ Integrated hint system


RET is the main operator of public transportation within Rotterdam. In 2018 they celebrated the 50 year anniversary of the subway in Rotterdam. In order to celebrate it seemed as a nice idea to build an escape room where the workings within and around a subway car and a station are highlighted.

In order to create this, RET has contacted WestCord Hotels, who operate the escape rooms on SS Rotterdam. To create a fantastic subway escape room experience a dream team is assembled. Vorm & Decor took on the challenge to recreate a subway station including a subway car inside the ship SS Rotterdam, RET delivered authentic materials, such as the well-known yellow M of the subway station and the creative escape room team of SS Rotterdam came up with the game scenario.

Our contribution to the project was to figure out and implement many of the technical gadgets and special effects within the escape room.

Our Role

We have created the special effects with the use of realistic lighting, sound and motion effects, which give players the impression that they are actually riding the subway. We have combined our own custom-made electronic components with existing products, such as a drink-wending machine and an OV-paal. The players get thus a realistic subway experience, while we retain complete freedom in creating the puzzles.

In order to manage and operate the game we have created and installed and integrated hint system, with which the operators remotely monitor the game and send hints (text, image or video) to the players.

The Escape Room opened on 7-Novmeber-2019. For more info you can visit the following site:

Project Photos