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The Competition

Escape room design

Project details

Client / Amaze Escape Event
What we built / The first battle escape room
Project Date / 2015 in period of 5 months

Work processes
/ Game design

/ Developing puzzles
/ Project management
/ Scenario writing
/ Training
/ Sound design
/ Light design
/ Special effects
/ Integrated hint system

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In 2015 Amaze Escape Events, one of the first escape rooms in The Netherlands, was ready to create a new escape room. Escape rooms were quite young back at that time, with the first ones having only popped up in the summer of 2013. A few games existed with multiple rooms and the trend of minimizing the use of locks and code pads just started. Our team knew, we would like to create something new and different again.

 The idea behind the Competition was to build the first Battle Escape Room of the Netherlands. In this escape game 2 teams start at the same time in 2 mirrored rooms. The teams have to tackle the same challenges, but only 1 team can snatch the trophy from the safe.

The above idea came up early in the brainstorming sessions. We were initially unsure what kind of theme we should build around it. At the end we decided, there is no need for a strict story-line, but the competition would be the theme itself. In designing the Competition we aimed to make a futuristic and minimalist battle arena inspired by the art of Victor Vasarely.


Crafting the Games

In creating the escape room games we wanted to break with the traditional key and padlock type games and hiding places, creating games which seamlessly integrate with the elements and style of the room. All the different games run on arduinos and raspberry pi-s and are connected to the main operating system and effect controller of the room.

On the level of the individual games we aimed to involve multiple senses, such as vision and smell, as well as different skills, like memory, cooperation or perspective to have a wide variety of game types. A new, and at the point completely unexplored area, which we wished to involve within the room was projection mapping. We have used the technique both as a special effect and a game element.

Since the name (and aim) of the game was Competition we have included different elements along the game to reinforce this notion, such as:
– An interactive score board for the teams to track how far along they are in the game and to see how the other team is doing
– A double-side safe with the final game, which both teams can access
– A way to slow down the other team if you solve additional challenges

The project was a success from concept, design and game experiences points and has welcomed many excited teams over its years of operation.

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